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Peter Marsh is a singer, songwriter, guitarist and music producer. Now in his 60s, his music career has spanned over four decades and has included a diverse range of musical genres, from punk / new wave (the 'This is Your Life' album by Twist is a collectors piece of the era) and synth pop (Marsh was 'Tinker', the lead singer of the cult band Blanket of Secrecy, the identity of which's members was not disclosed for several decades), to the acoustic rock and R&B / soul styles which typify his more recent work. Recent projects have included the Stop The Clock album (2014) and Back to the Beginning (forthcoming in 2016).

Peter Marsh has collaborated with a number of significant artists throughout his career, releasing singles with Vangelis, (Don't Be Foolish) and Godley & Creme (10CC) (You Say You Wanna Love Me) and appearing on albums by Manfred Mann's Earth Band (Chance) and Carlene Carter (C'est C Bon). Over the years, his compositions have been recorded as covers by Nick Lowe (the Abominable Showman album featured Marsh song 'Cool Reaction'), Jimmy Ruffin (who released 'Easy to Say I Love You') and Hazzel Dean (who covered Harmony, one of Peter Marsh's solo singles), amongst others.

Born in Cumbria, in the Lake District, in 1952, Peter Marsh spent the early part of his career in the UK - with a stint in Los Angeles to record music during the Nicol & Marsh / Easy Street years in the 1970s. He moved to France in 2007, where he built a recording studio. 


Nicol & Marsh / Easy Street

Peter Marsh signed to CBS/EPIC in 1975 as part of the duo Nicol & Marsh (his partner was his then brother-in-law Ken Nicol). Together they subsequently released a series of albums both as as Nicol & Marsh and as 'Easy Street'.

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Easy Street split up in the late 1970s when Peter Marsh launched his solo singing career, releasing 'This is Your Life', post punk / new wave album with his band Twist.

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Blanket of Secrecy

In 1980 Peter Marsh started working on the Blanket of Secrecy project, which culminated in the release of the album 'Walls Have Ears', which he co-produced with Roger Bechirian, on WEA records in 1982. The identity of Blanket of Secrecy members were not named at the time and the composition of the group, which has a global cult following, remained a subject of much speculation for several decades. 'Walls Have Ears' has recently been remastered and is available on iTunes

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Peter Marsh & Vangelis

Peter Marsh worked with film composer Vangelis, singing on the 'See You Later' album. Peter Marsh and Vangelis co-wrote the single 'Don't Be Foolish', which was produced by Vangelis and recorded at Nemo Studios and was released on Polydor Records, in 1981.

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Other Collaborations, Solo Singles and Peter Marsh Covers

During the 1980s, Peter Marsh worked as a session musician for artists including Manfred Mann (singing on the album 'Chance') and released singles including 'You Say You Wanna Love Me', which was produced by Godley And Creme (10CC). As a songwriter, he attracted other artists to record his songs, including Nick Lowe, whose 'Abominable Showman' (1983) featured the Marsh song 'Cool Reaction'. Disco diva Hazzel Dean covered 'In Harmony', a song written by Marsh with Bill Clift, which was released as a single in 1988. Soul legend Jimmy Ruffin covered Marsh's song 'Easy to Say I Love You', which was released on PWL Records in 1989. 

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Lost Tracks

more info Worked as an engineer / producer and built his own recording studio in London during the 1990s,


The Peter Marsh (all-French band)

Peter Marsh moved to France in 2006, where he resumed his songwriting and performing career with his all-French band 'The Peter Marsh'.

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Stop The Clock

Peter Marsh released 'Stop The Clock', his first album for many years, in 2013. Stop The Clock, which was produced by Marsh and is available on CD Baby, attracted significant attention in Hong Kong and Malaysia, where many of the songs were featured in the popular TV drama series 'Triumph in the Skies'. Seven of the tracks were included in the compilation album 'Fly With Love' (Universal), released in conjunction with Triumph in the Skies.

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Back to the Beginning

The latest Peter Marsh project is another solo album, 'Back to the Beginning', which was recorded with legendary record producer Roger Bechirian and released in February 2017.

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Download Fly Away (Charity Single)

Proceeds from sales of this beautiful song about coming to terms with a bereavement will be donated to St Christopher’s Hospice.

The single was released on 1 December 2016 and is available for download from music download sites and streaming services. Fly Away is the first single from Peter Marsh's forthcoming album 'Back To The Beginning' (which will be released in early 2017). ‘Back to the Beginning’, includes a number of tracks inspired by the loss of Peter Marsh's partner, Laurence, three years ago. Laurence was cared for by St Christopher’s Hospice at the end of her life and Peter is donating the profits from sales of ’Fly Away’, a single from the album, to St Christopher’s, in her memory. Although it was inspired by his personal loss, Peter believes and hopes that ‘Fly Away’ will be meaningful and inspirational to anyone suffering from the loss of a loved one - those memories which can be especially difficult to deal with at Christmas time.  We’re sure you’ll agree that it’s a beautiful song and we encourage you to download the track from one of the following links: Remember you’ll be benefiting St Christopher’s with every purchase!

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Download 'Back to the Beginning', Peter Marsh's new album

Ten songs that offer slivers of magic and moments of sublime comfort, an album of love and loss, optimism and progression that evokes a diverse range of musical genres from funk rock Lucky Man, soul Shoulder to Cry On acoustic Fly Away to the jazz blues feel of the title track Back to the Beginning.

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