Twist (1979)

Peter Marsh's Post Punk / New Wave Band


After the break up of Easy Street, Peter Marsh experimented with a Punk / New Wave sound with Twist. Twist band members included Stevie Corduner, formerly of Byzantium (Drums), Wims (lead guitar, backing vocals) and Andy Pask (bass), with Peter Marsh on lead vocals and playing acoustic guitarist.

The Twist album 'This is Your Life' was released on Polydor in 1979, with the title track released as a single. The album featured Steve Nieve on keyboards and Jimmy Edwards and Elvis Costello on backing vocals. It was recorded at Amp Pro, a studio in Shepherds Bush owned by Nick Lowe, which had been converted by Tony Visconti. The album included a New Wave interpretation of the classic "The House of the Rising Sun". 

Twist - This is Your Life: Tracklist

Silly People
Clown Court
Monday Morning
This Is Your Life
House Of The Rising Sun
Can I Get A Witness
Life On Earth

The Twist album marked Peter Marsh's first significant collaboration with Roger Bechirian, who he was later to work with on the Blanket of Secrecy project.



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